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Wednesday, November 5th 2008

12:12 PM

Obama-President-What does this mean?

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This has not taken place over night folks. This takeover has been in the works since the mid 60's. The indoctrination started in our school system...which heavily infiltrated our colleges all across the USA. We are all guilty as sin for allowing this to transpire. Especially when you consider we allowed our own children to be the puppets in the whole process. Rush Limbaugh nailed the college indoctrination part way back in 1990 if not a bit sooner. Yet no one was willing to take a stand and do something about the extreme leftist agenda our children where subject to.

Phase two was to control the media, and the Vietnam War gave them the perfect opportunity to take over that industry, and takeover they did. The media began to take a heavy liberal bias during the heart of that war. The media threw out an anti war message which rivaled the message this generation has just witnessed with the Iraq War. Only difference I note, is that our Soldiers are not being spit on and assaulted when they come back home after their tour of duty. The rhetoric is all the same mind you. Maybe even worse. Harry Reid told America and the world we lost the war while troops were still there in harm’s way. Then of course Dick Durban called our troops Nazi's.

With phase one and two complete, enter phase three. Destroy and or cripple the Republican Party, and then finally takeover the White House...which is exactly where we are now. All that's left now is to install the Fairness Doctrine, which is the total opposite of our First Amendment. If the Republican Party is to truly survive, they will need to start by finishing the house cleaning (which has already taken place compliments of the Dems overwhelming majority in both houses.).

No longer can we elect the same moderate Republicans of whom have no backbone, to office. We have to begin by electing true Conservatives who understand exactly what they are up against. Don't be fooled into thinking the recent economic meltdown favors us. It's the exact opposite. Obama will be forced to wait a cpl yrs before he truly begins to go spend happy in a fashion this Country has never before witnessed. Unfortunately I believe the economic crisis gets him a second term in the process. Would have been so much better to have an economy where he could go spend happy immediately.

Pretty depressing outlook I know. But it is what it is. I may know what the cause of the problem was and currently is, but at the moment, I'm really at a loss to figure out a fix. Gonna take some of the best conservative minds out there to collectively come up with a plan to take back our Country. No longer can we elect people who are naive to what is upon us. They need a vision, a well thought out plan, and a ton of backbone.
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